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Project Plan

 * Project Plan helps me to organize my work

* Project Plan can be created in the form of a gantt chart

* Is utilized with documenting planning assumptions and decisions 

* Stakeholders can easily communicate with each other 

* Project Plan is used to document agreed scope, cost and timetable baselines


 How a project can be planned:

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Web Development

* I enjoy Web Management

* Developing websites using Dreaweaweaver and Notepad has helped me to enhance on my Web Management skills 

* I am now going to design, develop and manage real websites at LACBA



How to develop a web page in WordPress:

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IT Support

* I have utilized IT support at LACBA

* I will be dealing with hardware and software issues at LACBA

* I am required to cover web development aspects

* I will monitor all of the computers as welll as the software on every computer

* I check the Anti-Virus on every computer to see whether it is installed, it works and is up to date


How to deal with IT Support:

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* My Administration work at LACBA

* I have developed letters for LACBA

* I have done filing for LACBA

* I have answered phone calls for LACBA

* I have develped flyers for the LACBA meetings


How Administration is done:


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